Our History


It was June 1995 when Pastor Anselmo Macolor served as a full time pastor in Sariaya Conservative Baptist Church. From the start of his ministry here, he desired to have a Christian School in the church, but it was too early to consider since there was no available personnel to start the school. The desire was confirmed when one of the church members asked him if he wants to start a Christian School and even volunteered herself to be the teacher. But there were no presentable facilities to accommodate the school during that time, so the desire remains in his heart.


After a year, another church member asked him, “Pastor, when are we going to start a school? He considered it as a sign from God. He shared the vision with the church and friends. During that time, the church was praying for a full time church worker. They added on the prayer list a full time teacher for the future church school. The budget was one of the biggest problems. It was later on resolved through the following:


The church budget designated for the church worker will be transferred to start the school. Then the church workers’ need will be raised from the church members in the form of pledges.

Building Lives for the Future.

With these arrangements, confirmation to go ahead with the vision became clear. While the church was still praying for a future church worker and school teacher, Pastor Anselmo V. Macolor talked to Pastor Angel Ranillo to invite him to consider being our church full time worker. Pastor Angel received the invitation and became a church full time worker assigned to one of the church mission outreach.


Pastor Macolor was not aware that Pastor Angel will soon be married to a lady who later became the instrument of God to start the school. “It is not a coincidence, but it is purely God’s work”, he declared. The truth is, it was far from my imagination that the school can start this soon, but I saw the hands of God in the process”, he added.


An interview on how to start the school was made with Imelda, who then became Pastor Angel’s wife. The church found out that it needed P25,000.00. During that time, the amount was considered a fortune. It did not serve as discouragement to pursue the vision, but instead he encouraged the church to trust God and depend on God’s word in Joshua 1:8 “… then you will be prosperous and successful”

Our Mission

The SARIAYA CONSERVATIVE BAPTIST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL comprising the church, teachers, and students adheres to submit to God’s great mission of enriching and empowering His children.

The school exists to exemplify the Biblical truth in Deuteronomy 6:5-7a and disseminates this through the integration of absolute standard Biblical principles; an  advanced comprehensive Christian curriculum; and the anticipation of the well- rounded and well- equipped Christian teachers and staff, which shall nurture, instruct and develop the child to become an asset of the community and country serving God and His children,acknowledge the importance of parents in embodying the high esteemed learning process of their children, for the pursuit of individual and national goals in accordance to the will of God.

This Christian-based institution endeavors to inculcate its students to move beyond just recognition and an understanding but also with the ability to interpret life with dignity, honor, and Christian values.

Our Vision

We exist to develop Christian Leaders of tomorrow by providing quality education and building lives for the future.

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